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About Acti-Kare of Hunterdon, New Jersey

About Acti-Kare in Hunterdon, New Jersey

Jacqueline Moussa
Jacqueline Moussa
Franchise Owner and Area Director

Working with the elderly and the disabled is something I have become familiar with from a very young age; from taking care of my disabled sister to working in long term care and rehab facilities. My early clinical experience at Good Shepherd working in long term care as a CNA, and later a nurse gave me the privilege of working with individuals with a wide array of physical, mental, neurocognitive, age related and rehabilitative issues. Although I found this work to be rewarding and fulfilling there seemed to be something missing from the lives of those I cared for. These individuals were removed from their family and loved ones and all that gives life meaning.

This served as the impetus as I was brought me to a cross roads of sorts in my life professionally and prompted me to pursue a degree in healthcare management and administration and advocate for the aging population in a different way. This led me to discover Acti-kare Responsive In-Home Care. My own cultural background, multilingual and liberal educational background provided me with not only a strong broad-based general studies background, but also a deep appreciation of human diversity and individual difference.

One of the strengths of Acti-Kare is their flexibility in matching the changing and evolving needs of seniors and their families. Highly trained (via a rigorous five step screening process) and compassionate Acti-Kare caregivers can provide companionship, transportation, help with errands, bill-paying, nutritional aid, and perform light housekeeping duties and personal care assistance among others. Moreover, Acti-kare encourages physical and mental activities, proper nutrition along with a major emphasis on supporting a positive attitude.

These experiences have given me the knowledge, skills, patience and understanding that are essential to providing high quality home-care services. It is my personal experience both professionally and caring for my members of my family that drives my passion and unwavering commitment to helping others maintain their independence and dignity.

Dr. Clint C. Stankiewicz
Dr. Clint C. Stankiewicz
Associate Area Director

Dr. Stankiewicz is a licensed psychologist in both New Jersey & Pennsylvania with over 10 years of clinical experience. Additionally, he is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology and is a fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Stankiewicz completed much of his education in the near by Lehigh Valley and has been involved in healthcare and human service for his entire career serving his community as a clinical psychologist. It is through his own personal journey and experiences caring for elders in his family that motivated him to follow his passion and develop his skills in extended care; working with the medically ill, geriatric and disabled population. Although this work has given him an in depth understanding of how neurocognitive, emotional and behavioral factors as well as coping with chronic ill comes to bear on health and wellness; it also helped him to come to an understanding of just how important it is for people to be able to remain in their homes surrounded by loved ones for happiness and quality of life.

“I can recall, specific interactions with patients in nursing homes, assisted living and rehab centers that compelled me to rethink my notion about how and where these individuals are really best cared for. As a psychologist it was my duty not only to evaluate, diagnose and treat via psychotherapy residents who were struggling with various emotional and behavioral distress, but to truly listen. As I connected with the residents under my care; invariably most disclosed their profound desire and yearning to be home, surrounded by their loved ones and everything that was familiar to them. Moreover, I found in many cases that the distress of being away from home played a roll in increasing the distress of my clients. While, I certainly understand that the time may come where inpatient care is most appropriate- I feel that being at home with friends, family and loved ones for as long as possible brings immeasurable benefit for the mind, body and soul. Because of my own relentless professional standards; becoming involved with Acti-Kare was an easy decision. Ingrained in the fabric of the Acti-Kare mission is their commitment to become the nation’s premier provider of In-Home Care and to deliver the highest quality of care while understanding the importance of spending quality time in physical and mental activities that help each member of your family remain productive, contributing members of their families and communities.”

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